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Draw Line to help them go home

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Jun 27, 2023
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Draw to Home is a casual puzzle game. You need to help villains find their way to home, draw a line between the villains and their corresponding houses, and avoid the villains from bumping into each other. If they collide, they will be dizzy and the game will fail. To avoid all kinds of obstacles, let all the villains get home safely to win the game.

How to play:
1. Click on the leg of the villain to start drawing lines;
2. Avoid the collision of 2 villains;
3. Pay attention to avoid wooden boxes, lifting columns, cars, and thieves;
4. The rational use of Hercules will make customs clearance easier;
5. Try to collect all the diamonds;
6. Make sure all the villains get home safely and win the game.

Game Features:
1. Rich and interesting levels;
2. Various customs clearance methods;
3. Fully exercise the ability to solve puzzles;
4. Funny characters.

Welcome to try our game, if you have any comments on the game, you can give feedback in the game, thank you for your participation.
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