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application to take orders from mobile devices

App Information

Oct 10, 2020

App Names

App Description
You can get your orders at the table.

Our application, with an easy to use and fast interface, service your staff 's going to be your best friend

Major Functions

• Table Creation Orders Over Plan
• Table Merge
• Table Transportation
• Replacing waiters
• Multiple printer selection
• User-based authorization

Important Note: Our application only, with teknikpos License can be used in business.
Setup and Connect with Your Customers responsible for licensing procedures

Our company reflects on all products over 10 years of expertise in the food and retail sector
More than one particular branch / store having in food industry, demonstrating the importance of Point of Sale Management Center,
Center Inventory Management, Dealer Network and Franchise Management, Center Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics Network Management Chain of enterprises with solutions that improve on,
live via a single system can monitor the operations are provided.
365 days of continuous operation from end to end solutions that provide vital,
7 × 24 support to our users, we recommend our services sustainable solutions.
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