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Exciting grand theft gangster open world game. Enjoy offline shooting games

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Sep 17, 2022

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Grand Theft Shooting Games 3D are basically offline shooting games about Carson James a.k.a CJ. These gangster games are about grand gangster life. He is a big shot businessman operating grand theft in a big vegas crime city. But, most of all he is a family man and also holds responsibility for these offline games. Carson James a.k.a CJ is a businessman of street drugs in the Miami crime simulator; he is a grand gangster, who transport drugs from Miami during the theft wars in the Miami crime simulator to the vegas crime city of the United States of America.

Carson James a.k.a CJ is not just a grand gangster in these shooting games. He is also working on grand theft and he has people on his side, like the theft wars in offline games. He got his money up and had his family move from Miami over to vegas crime city, in a big white house. CJ is also smart because he was not like the other grand gangsters, he did not flash around his money, and he did not wear loud-colored clothing in these offline games.

Now, when the CJ empire has been built in these offline games. A cop named Michael enters the vegas crime city. He is a good cop like in all other shooting games. Michael the good cop, had a lot in his life, he had a son whose mother was taking him to court for custody of the child, he was going to school to become a lawyer and his state bar test was coming up, and he wants to catch CJ. Michael finds out about the grand theft and his partner is dying in theft wars, then that is when he started letting his guard down by wearing the flashy coat his wife bought for him.

The climax of these shooting games is now coming up. This is when Michael has CJ; he just needed a way to stop him in these offline games. In the end, CJ the grand gangster finally caught, coming out of the church, by Michael.

Features of this shooting games offline:
User-friendly controls
Thrilling Mafia Gangster Fight
Visually stunning 3d graphics

Enjoy this gangster shooting games with exciting offline games missions in crime city during theft wars.
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