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Jun 17, 2024
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Big update for April! Celebrate the 1st anniversary with us
▶ Survive in the most dangerous battlefield! Hardcore server is open
▶ The strong men from another world who appeared through the dimensional rift, HIT2
▶ Special event to welcome the 1st anniversary
▶ The origin of the secret - Ruishiti Laboratory 4th floor
▶ Return of the Holy Land of Trial - Hall of Dawn Update

An MMORPG that understands players better, HIT2!

The topical MMORPG that conquered Korea’s rankings has finally made its debut in Taiwan!
Invite adventurers into the huge and dreamy world of HIT.

Get it early by participating in advance reservations
Qiqi’s precious gift for adventurers!
Go to advance reservation: link

▣Game introduction▣

◈ Six professions with their own characteristics
The unique job transfer system allows you to switch freely.
Choose a profession that suits your personal fighting style,
Play freely in your own way in this fantasy and beautiful world!

◈Experience the thrill of hunting BOSS with your guild members
Powerful BOSS appears all over the world!
Use gorgeous skills, smart strategies and guild members to fight against powerful forces!

◈A fierce siege battle that you can participate in on Day 1
Any guild can participate in this honorable battle for the name of the guild!
In the fierce battlefield, in addition to fighting bravely, you also have to fight wits! Use the power of war to defeat the enemy and win!
The siege battle to decide the owner of the throne is waiting for you to command.

◈You can shake the world too! Altar of the Coordinator!
The rules of the world are up to you!
It's up to you to create the world rules you like!
If you want more safe areas for easy hunting vs. UPUP treasure hunting rate, which one will you choose today?

◈The appearance of the red whirlwind represents the appearance of the huge boss
Go and stop the red whirlwind raging across the land and obtain valuable treasures!
Stand up and resist the changes and threats that never let up for a moment.
Save the world from crisis.

▣HIT2 official channel▣
▶Let’s take a look at the details of HIT2 and the gifts prepared by Qiqi.

■ Smartphone App Access Permissions Instructions
When using the App, the following access permissions will be requested in order to provide the following services.

[Required access]
Photo/Media/File Storage: Required for game execution files and image storage, photos and videos

[Selective Access]
Phone Number: Collected for phone numbers that send advertising messages
Phone: Android versions below 10 need to collect phone numbers to send advertising text messages.
Camera: needed for uploading photos and video shooting
* You can still use the service without agreeing to selective access permissions.

[Access permission cancellation method]
▶ Android 6.0 or above: Settings > APP (Application) > Select permission items > Permission menu > Choose to agree or cancel access permissions
▶ Android 6.0 or below: After upgrading the operating system, cancel access permissions or delete the APP
※ The APP may not be able to provide a single consent function, and you can use the above method to cancel access permissions.
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