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Have you ever wanted to be a football goalkeeper and a striker at the same time?

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Jan 26, 2023

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Goalie Wars Football is a fascinating 1vs1 football game where you are a goalkeeper and a striker at the same time. Combining these two roles at a high level is no easy task and requires unique skills that no one has ever had. You can be the first! Compete in football tournaments and show off your intelligence to your opponents! Be precise as a football striker and agile as a goalkeeper. Shoot, save, move, change direction and choose the most appropriate moment to strike. Experience a new kind of football playing with the computer and online!

Goalie Wars Striker Football features
- online multiplayer mode
- free football game
- English commentator!
- friendly mode
- tournament mode with group and knockout stages (Champ Cup, America Cup, Euro Cup, World Cup, League Cup)
- 5 leagues (Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Spain)
- create own team and player's card
- different type of stadiums
- 5 difficulty levels
- over 800 players card with different attacking and defending skills
- special volley, lob and curve shots
- 81 national football teams with different speeds and strengths
- 120 football teams with different speeds and strengths
- option of transferring football players
- many unique kits, gloves, shoes, skins, tattoos
- 2 different camera angles
- realistic physics
- excellent music and in-game sound effects
- different football fans and flag textures
- a special level for kids

Play in online multiplayer with others players over the world. Practice on kid, easy, normal and hard levels and eventually prove your superior football skills on the expert level! it's not going to be easy, but you can do it! Good luck footballer!

See instruction how to play with friends in online PvP multiplayer mode

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_bge0cz5HD8SQqe5P1y5A
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