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This is MCPE Horror Map. Will you be able to escape from Granny?

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Nov 27, 2019
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This map Granny is a PE version of mobile game and it has now been recreated as an adventure map for Bed rock Edition. The mission is to escape the evil Granny by finding different items which you will need for unlocking a door. The world comes with custom textures and it also makes use of some cool game mechanics (e.g. interaction buttons) to create an even more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Granny of MCPE seems psychologically ill, therefore, she eats to hide everyone in her house and torture her with torture. Your task is to find a way to escape from her house while collecting all the necessary items.

All the doors in the house of the MCPE Granny are locked and you cannot just leave the house, therefore, in spite of everything, avoid the Granny and collect all the items.

You should also go around the whole house, including the cellar, and try to trap Granny This will give you extra time to escape.

The map also has secret rooms where you can hide from your Grannie or find useful items. Granny has a very sharp mind, so be careful. Try to be silent and inconspicuous otherwise your stay on the map will not be long

We are fully confident that you will be delighted with this card as well as thousands of users up to you!

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