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Draw Bridge Games: Save Car


Draw a bridge to save your car! Try this car bridge game to draw bridge!

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Apr 24, 2024
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Welcome to Draw Bridge, a classic draw line puzzle game.
Feeling boring? Try Draw Bridge, a draw line puzzle drawing game. Draw a poly bridge to complete the bridge race!

🚗How to play:
To become a good bridge builder, you just need to drag with one finger to draw a bridge that is stable enough to the car reach flags. You can draw a bridge on only one line, so make sure safety comes first.

Still, your car bridge can not fight against gravity, use your creativity to make it stronger (and calm enough when your car is on it!).
When you are blocked at a certain level, changing your vehicles may help you. A motorcycle? Or cool sportscar? Even driving fire trucks!

🚌Game Features:
1. Cute drawbridge game. FREE to play!(though a little aaaaaddddds)
2. Different cars in various sizes and performances, all free to unlock🛵🚚🦽
3. No wifi needed, draw bridge wherever you want
4. Challenging levels with all kinds of landforms and multiple mechanisms
5. Colorful UI experience, smooth and easy to draw bridge

Use your wisdom and creativity to quick draw a bridge and become a bridge builder master in this bridge drawing game!
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