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Let's help Wolfoo manage pet hotel & arrange the correct hotel rooms for guests!

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May 08, 2023

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Welcome to the new land where you can explore a new experience, take a rest and enjoy this breathtaking view from Wolfoo's Hotel. In the Wolfoo pet hotel, not only experience as a guest, but you can also play a role of a hotel manager like Wolfoo and help him with a huge mission to arrange suitable rooms for the special customers. Help them feel comfortable, happy, and ready to stay in the Wolfoo hotel for a long time. There are cute and adorable animal guests who come and go every day with certain requests. Your mission as well as Wolfoo is to be ready to serve them with the most appropriate rooms.
👏✌️ No waiting for so long, let's start playing now and say Hi to all the lovely customers coming! Have fun!

🤖 Learn and Play in an appropriate way 🤖
This Wolfoo Pet Hotel Manager was designed to train the kids' logic & critical thinking skills. The game was a learning tool in education aimed at kids from 3 to 8 years old, helping them understand the relationship between animals and stuff in this world, thereby guiding them to understand easily in a correct way, boosting their creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Wolfoo pet hotel manager will drive kids to explore the world from their own perspective in the funniest way ever!

😻 Learn some logic from Wolfoo pet hotel manager 😻
🐹 Mr. Mice and Mrs. Fish are scared of the lady cat, so remember to put them far away from each other
🍖 Mr. Bone is terrified Mr. Dog, never let the dog see the bone 🐶
🐈 The lady Cat doesn't like Mr. Dog 🐶 either, they hate each other so much so make sure their rooms are apart
🧀 Mrs. Cheese is so scared of being eaten by the mice, so she would like to be far from Mr. Mice

👉 Hence, please arrange hotel rooms for the right customers and the right bookings. Don't let them down!
It's going to be so interesting in the Wolfoo Pet Hotel Manager! Check it out immediately!

,b> Some outstanding features that might appeal to kids
✅ There are many cute, adorable, and familiar animals for kids to realize and remember to distinguish the characteristic relationship between them
✅The game is designed with realistic, beautiful images and funny sound effects that attract players
✅ There are numerous levels to raise the game's difficulty, develop more ability of thinking and perception of kids
✅ Wolfoo pet hotel manager is one of the great games that help children to exercise patience, and inspire learning through interesting content.
✅ It's so easy to play with a simple touch and drag
✅Congratulation and reward the winner with so many coins and unlock treasure to upgrade the hotel better
✅ Help kids to solve problems and train their logic skills

💯 It's going to be so interesting in Wolfoo's hotel, you're going to be an awesome manager! Check it out immediately!
Don't hesitate to download and play right now, a whole new world is waiting for you to explore baby.

👉 ABOUT Wolfoo LLC 👈
All games of Wolfoo LLC stimulate children's curiosity and creativity, bringing engaging educational experiences to children through the method of “playing while studying, studying while playing”. The online game Wolfoo is not only educational and humanistic, but it also enables young children, especially fans of the Wolfoo animation, to become their favorite characters and come closer to the Wolfoo world. Building on the trust and support from millions of families for Wolfoo, Wolfoo games aim to further spread the love for the Wolfoo brand across the world.

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