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May 25, 2023
App Description
Are you a Polish TV fan or just want to discover a wide range of channels from anywhere in the world? "Polska TV Online" is your gateway to Polish entertainment and information, all from the comfort of your Android device!

Main Features:

- Instant Access to Popular Channels: Browse and quickly access channels such as TVP, Polsat, TVN, Eleven Sports and many others. Each channel is available with one click.
- High Quality Streaming: Enjoy smooth and high-quality streams for an optimal viewing experience.
- Friendly and Modern Interface: Application designed with ease of use in mind. Large buttons and intuitive navigation make it easy to find your favorite channel.
- Rating Notifications: We invite you to rate the app after use to ensure we offer the best possible service.
- Ad Compatibility: Discreetly and unobtrusively integrate ads to support continuous development and improvement of the app's quality.

Personalized Experience:

- Exit Confirmation Dialog: Before you leave the app to watch an external feed, we ask for confirmation, which ensures that your experience is thoughtful and safe.
- Custom Style: The buttons and interface reflect modern Polish style, ensuring that the experience is not only functional but also visually appealing.

Privacy and Preferences:

- Easily save your preferences with integrated options to manage how and when the app should remember your choices.
- Join thousands of satisfied users and immerse yourself in the world of Polish television with "Polska TV Online". Download it today and start exploring!


Please note that "Polska TV Online" does not host, broadcast or reproduce copyrighted content. The application serves as a guide to legally available TV channels and is intended for viewing only legally available content.
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