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Take off your car driving license in the first driving school app

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Feb 20, 2024
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Dribo App is the 1st driving school that allows you to get your car or motorcycle license with your mobile. It adapts 100% to you: without books, without classes and without unnecessary travel 📲.

Join the new generation of Dribers and be part of the more than 200,000 students who have passed a unique study methodology, that of the Dribo driving school.

Thanks to digitization, Dribo can reduce costs, offer the license 40% cheaper and facilitate access to the driver's license for everyone.

Do you want to start? TRY THE APP FOR FREE and discover how to get your driving license from your mobile 🚗🛵.


Through the driving school app…
Select the CARD you want to obtain: CAR OR MOTORCYCLE
Learn with the simple exercises and complete the official and always updated tests of the DGT
Manage all the documentation of your file with the DGT without having to travel
Select the exam date and for the apt. Important: the official theoretical exam is carried out in person at the nearest DGT ✔️
Book the practices in the app from €19* and stay with your teacher
Pass the practical exam with Dribo, pick up your L and roll 💨

*The price of the practices varies depending on the area

With Dribo you can study and learn driving license theory from your mobile with interactive exercises, driving school tests, official DGT tests and personalized recommendations (failure tests). All this will help you to pass the driving license theory test effortlessly.

At Dribo, the theoretical exam pass rate is 93% the first time👍, completing the training method. That percentage increases even more, if we count those who pass the exam with more opportunities.

In the driving school application you will find more than 2,500 exam questions with exercises designed by experts in traffic training and mobility. You will have the security of learning what you need to pass the theoretical exam the first time.

Enjoy all the advantages of having the Dribo driving school on your mobile: learn car or motorcycle theory without books, without classes and without timetables that condition you.

How long will it take me to get the theoretical? ✔️📲
15 days if you spend 3 hours a day
6 weeks if you dedicate 1 hour daily
3 months if you dedicate 30 min a day

The Dribo driving school offers practical service in more than 40 cities throughout Spain. In the application you will be able to see the nearest student collection points and reserve car or motorcycle practices 🚗 🛵, as you prefer.

Do you have more questions?

Download the Dribo app and contact us through the support chat so we can inform you of everything 😊
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