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Apr 08, 2018

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The Quran app enables you to download and listen Quran by downloading one sourah at a time or by downloading the whole Quran with one click. The files will be downloaded and stored in your device. The app contains no ads at all and will not contain any ads in the future.
The app contains the following features:
1-Replcing the play,pause icons with a text such as ; play , pause etc.This is really useful for older adults.
2- The app enables the download of the full Quran or pick a sourah to download.
3-The app enables you to enable deleting the content after closing the app to save device storage.
4-The app enables changing the size of the titles among three different sizes.
Note: In case I made a mistake please inform me by email ASAP so I can fix it as soon as possible.
The content is being downloaded from http://mp3quran.net/.

Note: please find the new updated version of this app by looking up the name : Quran App without ads plus
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