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This App Requires Internet Connection and Location. Refresh in Every 1.2 Minutes

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Oct 12, 2023

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Earthquake is a very secure app where it will take only a few permissions location and internet connection that location will be stored only in your device apart from that,
This App has the following features:

- It updates every 1.2 minutes.
- It Marks all the latest 101 locations all over the world.
- Having different/random colors in each marker but if a place has larger than 2 magnitudes and larger than 4 magnitudes that have a different color.
- It contains a button(Show List) that displays all the states/places where an earthquake happens with more details.
- It automatically takes you to the place where the last earthquake happen.
- Also having a search button to search any place by its states/country.

According to the era, we make sure that EarthQuake Watcher is always up to date...
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