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Carbon is a fast web browser built on chromium and its powerful blink engine

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Jan 29, 2024
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Carbon Browser Features

Super Fast Browsing
Carbon Browser loads webpages 3x faster, saves 95% of your data and provides smooth browsing even with a weak connection.
Carbon takes up 56.7% less space on your device compared to our competitors.

Carbon Browser is built on Chromium and its powerful Blink engine. Browse with lightning speed. You won't lose any of your habits by switching to Carbon Browser.

Block annoying adverts and enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience. With ad block we can efficiently block adverts, pop-ups, and banners. Not only blocking ads but also loading pages faster and saving you data.

100% Privacy
Browse in secret without saving history, cookies, or cache. We never store your data and keep you private always. Soon our in-built free VPN, dVPN, firewall and ToR e2ee will keep you even more secure.

Data Saver
Our in-built data saver ensures your devices remains fast and light.

VPN + Crypto Features
Soon our browser will feature an in-built VPN and crypto wallet allowing greater privacy when browsing and access to web 3.0

Speed Dials
Access your favourite sites instantly from anywhere in the browser or on the homepage

Even More Features
Personalise bookmarks. The latest world news at your fingertips. Font size adjustments. Reader mode. Selectable downloads
You choose where your downloads go. You can download almost any video you find! Quiet browsing - we won't annoy you with notifications. Supported on Android 5.0+ Open beta testing available. Accessibility options. Multiple language support.

Smooth User Experience
No more frozen pages. Web searching, speed dials, bookmarks, everything is one tap away.


Carbon Browser is used by more than 5,000,000 people across more than 150+ countries worldwide and is exclusive to the Android mobile platform!

If you have any problems or have a suggestion for us, please get in touch! 😊

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