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Make yummy Tanghulu and 'stream' your ASMR Mukbang experience!

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May 17, 2024
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Create and crunch away at your candied Tanghulu masterpiece!

Lulu's family, once the masters of Tanghulu, face a rising challenge as more Tanghulu shops pop up and steal customers away. Embark on the journey with Lulu as she aims to restore her family's shop through the world of Mukbang ASMR and become a true master of Tanghulu!

"Let's start today's Tanghulu live stream!"

[Stacking ingredients]
Surviving as a Mukbang creator is tough, so get creative - add marshmallows, gummy bears and even chili peppers to your Tanghulu creations!

[Sugar Coating]
Once you've filled up your skewer, pop them in the pot and give a gentle stir to give a delicious sugary glaze. Create a thin and crunchy Tanghulu with the master's secret technique!

[Mukbang Live Stream]
Yet another crunchy live stream success! Yum! The chat was buzzing today. Now it's time to stock up on fresh ingredients with the Super Chats I earned by completing viewer missions!

Are you ready? It's time to challenge the Tanghulu master!

Contact: support@whoyaho.com
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