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Be a part of Sakura Anime School Girl Love Journey until she finds her soulmate.

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Sep 22, 2022

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Hello and Welcome Everybody to our game Anime Girl Life School Sim 3D. We have developed Anime Girl Life School Sim 3D, especially for our players. You will enjoy our game Anime Girl Life School Sim 3D. Play yourself and tell your friends to play our game Anime Girl Life School Sim 3D.

This game will remind you of gacha world. Gacha animator and our game both have anime characters in them. Gatcha games anime similarities you can find in our game. Our Anime likes gacha life club very much.

Don't just be in a flow of gacha heat. Every school anime student wants to be a member of gatcha club.

Sakura school anime girl is also very gacha cute. Live a happy gacha life. Our anime simulator game will be one of the best anime games. Anime games are very cute to play. Our anime games are played by cute people all around the world. Download and play our anime games to your heart. Be brave and keep playing our anime games. Our anime characters are brave. Be a bbs in every anime game that you play.

Be good sakura and gentle gacha in our sakura gacha anime game. Be a sakura gacha anime character.
This game is a offline gacha sakura anime games. You have to take anime games action in gacha sakura anime school. You can see anime cloud in the sky. Maybe you can see anime fighting games in this game. Don't just bounty rush in our anime game. Anime game is very popular these days. You will love our anime game. Are you a anime battle games lover?

Our anime simulator 2023 game will remind you of anime gacha games. You will love our school anime girl simulator game if you love anime gacha games. Our Anime simulator game is also in anime RPG games.
In our game, the school is our playground. Our anime will party with its friends. Our Anime girl can go on a date if she likes someone or is in love with someone. We have developed this anime school girl simulator game because people love gotcha life games. Considering the makeup our anime school girls do every day we can also call it a fashion games.

So everybody your wait is over now in 2023 we are presenting you with the sakura school simulator. Sakura is our character name. Our game category is Simulator specially developed for our simulators games lovers. Sakura school simulator will be your next most addictive game in anime simulator games. Sakura school simulator is known for its beautiful characters in both male anime and female anime. Be careful of jealousy factors Sakura from your classmates.

Most of our players are from schools so we are presenting you with school games for school games lover. Make up your anime character Sakura in this school simulator. Come on yandere simulator lovers come and start playing our yandere simulator game. We have specially developed this sakura anime simulator school girl game for yandere simulator lovers. Pass exams and get promoted to high school from primary school. We have put anime beloved characters in our school game.

Our anime school games is a new trend in 2023. Our Anime sakura has a good personality in the school girl simulator than other game characters. She pays daily attention to her body and to her face and also her hair every day.

Because of our and other character's look you can also call this game a Chinese games. Yandere will be popular soon. Everybody will start loving yandere. Our story of the game is about a school girl. Our school girl is very beautiful. Our school girl is very sensitive. Our school girl is the monitor of her class. Always be punctual in highschool.

Feature of our game of anime school
1. This is an anime simulator for all the simulators lovers
2. A high school simulator for school simulators games lovers
3. A Japanese anime character Sakura for lovers of Japanese games
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