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May 15, 2024

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Start your ideal life in the town now! You can explore a new world of your own! Everything is possible in the new home. So, come and create your own home story now!

Let's start by creating your very own character in the town! You can create a unique look for your character by selecting a skin tone, eyes and a nose. Then you can choose clothes and accessories to dress up your character! You can create more characters and play with them!

A newday has begun in the town: home! There are so many places that you can go here. Where do you want to go first? From the hospital to the nursery, from the pet store to the food street, make your footprints spread across the town!

In thetown, you can play any role you like! Become a dessert master and bake delicious desserts! Become a doctor and treat the sick and injured! Become a ballet dancer, a pet store clerk, or a food cart vendor, and experience all kinds of life with your heart!

Have you found it? There are many items in each scene of the town! Explore different ways to play with each item and you'll find many hidden surprises! You can also use items across scenes, mix and match them freely to create different home stories!

In the new home, you can turn any of your ideas into reality!Makethe furniture and decorate your own house to your liking, or design a look for your furry pet!Design and build your town by yourself!Just unleash your imagination and be creative in the town: home!

There are moresurprises in Panda Games: Town Home for you to discover!

- Explore freely and create your own story;
- 7 scenes fullof fun await you to explore;
- Design furniture and decorate your home freely;
- Design and build your town by yourself;
- Realistic simulation to restore an ideal life;
- Hundreds of items and rich interaction for you to try;
- 50+ cute characters to play with you all day long;
- A newly added day and night switch function.

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