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3rd Anniversary Celebration - Fist of the North Star Collaboration Kicks Off

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Jun 11, 2024
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The 3rd anniversary online event you've been waiting for is live, lighting up Prontera's streets with dazzling lights. Get together with friends and have a blast at the offline carnival! Capture the beautiful moment!

======Game Features======

◆3rd Anniversary Celebration
Play rock-paper-scissors with NPCs to participate in the biggest diamond giveaway event in ROX history!

◆Offline ROX Carnival
Offline ROX Carnival in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines—June celebrations for every Adventurer!

◆Fist of the North Star Collaboration
Feel the ultimate power and passion—work out with Kenshiro!

◆Hyper Return Event
Claim the biggest return benefits ever and instantly boost your level to 80 upon return!

◆Upgraded and Optimized Infinite Showdown
Upgraded PVP experience! Enjoy infinite fun with quick matchmaking!

◆Fair Play Championship
Join the first-ever Fair Play Championship—Be it newbies or veterans, sign up and party up to showcase your skills!

※This is a F2P game with in-game currency and item purchases. Please spend wisely based on your interest and budget.

======Contact Us======
Official Website: http://www.ragnarokx.com
Facebook Fans Group: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokXNextGeneration
Customer Service: cs@roxnextgeneration.com
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