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UR Honda awakes. Come and explore the secret of milking with her!

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Dec 03, 2022
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Destiny Girl is an idle fantasy RPG Gacha Game with millions of downloads;
Encounter under the Christmas Tree, a romantic experience with contextualized live2D interaction;
In the chaotic isekai's abyss, dragon beasts are rampant, time to start the fantasy adventure;
Dear Captains, how will you lead the fantasy girls to the path of victory by defeating the dragon beast?

Evolved and Breakthrough, UR Awaked 👸🏻
Star up and released, skill and skin fully upgraded;
100+ characters training with the boost from hundreds of voice actors;
High-quality character images, exquisite visual presentation, recruit fantasy girls to enjoy the fun of gacha;
Come and explore the secret of the fantasy girl's evolution!

Element Resonated, Strategy First ♟️
Unlock after six stars, 1+1>2, superb combat power erupts;
6 types of positions, 3 groups of formations, burning brain power to play the strategy;
Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. Multiple attributes with exclusive lineup;

More than AFK, Infinite Gameplay 🎮
Fun and leisure, non-stop interactive and intimate mini-games with fantasy girls;
Interesting and relaxing, idle and hands-free;
Queen’s Tower, Lost Garden, and Crystal Mine War, fruitful game modes, creative gameplay;
Arrow Event, Linkgame, Claw Crane, and Great Seafarer. Crystals, Recruit Tickets, and other benefits are infinite!
The Fortunate Cat will be launched from time to time, the slot machine will give you double amounts of Crystals!

Train for the Best Deck, Coronation of the Glory Throne 💪
The new version has added the CP Ranking of the Huntress;
Thor, Robin Hood, Honda, Reginleif, who is the strongest huntress that everyone favors?
Boost and support your favorite huntress to win the Ranking;
Upgrade the PVP gameplay and compete with various players;
Fight to the top of the Hall of Fame and enjoy infinite honors and awards;
Dear Captain, please take the path to victory and upgrade your strongest deck!

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