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Level up when you are away! Auto-battle Idle RPG!

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Jun 15, 2024
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Become the god of all weapons, the weapon itself, and save the world!

▶Idle RPG with the taste of growing every day!
The battle is spectacular! Growth is super fast!
Raise a Soul Weapon that grows on its own without you having to touch it!

▶High-quality dot design!
The biggest advantage of pixel graphics! cute!!!
Costumes, bosses, monsters, and backgrounds! Wherever you look, there are high-quality dot designs!

▶World raid boss appears!
Just one goal! Lots of colleagues!
Let's all work together to face the World Raid Boss!

▶Party Dungeon Attack!
Gather your party and climb the Tower of Trials!
A stronger party member! Stronger rewards!

▶Market & Auction System!
Fast growth isn't just about farming!
Trade the items you want with each other!

▶Skill Core & Rune System
Stop boring, simple, repetitive growth!
Develop your own soul weapon with the skill core and rune system!

▶Soul Weapon & Various Costumes
Toward a true weapon master! Grow to the next level with Soul Stone!
From head to toe! Dress up in your own costume!
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