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Destiny Eliminate

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Mar 21, 2024
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[Destiny Eliminate Return]
48 players compete on the same field, gradually eliminating lagging racers as time progresses. Survival and elimination hang in the balance! Keep pushing forward relentlessly to become the last survivor!

[New Track]
3-star track "Memory Wharf" debut! The world is gradually falling apart, traveling through the silent docks! Get ready for a thrilling experience!

[Racing Awakening]
Introducing 35 new cars that can be awakened, allowing racers to push the limits of speed. The racing performance is significantly enhanced, giving your car a complete makeover!

[Overrun Battle]
Prepare for the upcoming new Racing Gods! Combine the unique characteristics of different cars. Start a crazy race with Racing Gods!

[New Collection System]
Prepare for the upcoming shine value system! You can get shine value by collecting various props such as racing cars, pets, suits, seats, and personalized props. You can get exclusive rewards by increasing shine level!
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