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New anime game online! Play online action MMORPG adventure! MMORPG awaits!

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Dec 01, 2022

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New action-packed online PvP MMORPG with beautiful 3D graphics, engaging storyline, open world and thoughtful character creation will capture your heart! Meet MMO RPG Fox Legends!

⭐Fascinating story game with echoes of anime and addictive from the first minutes!⭐

Explore the open world, participate in numerous PVP events, hack in the gacha and collect funny pets! Get even AFK rewards! All this awaits in the new online RPG (MMORPG) Fox Legends!

Embark on an unforgettable adventure and play online in a new story-driven role-playing MMO RPG game!

This action MMORPG adventure will appeal to even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. The open world of Fox Legends is waiting for heroes! Play online, solo and with friends! Role-playing game of new generation! Lots of content awaits: huge open world, cool 3d graphics, PVP and PVE combat, AFK rewards, detailed character creation, gacha with cute animals!

Explore the open world online and take part in large-scale action battles against various enemies. Both PVP and PVE. With or without auto-battle, you can win!

⭐Creating a character in a role playing game
Fans of online role-playing games will appreciate it! Over 500 billion combinations available! Create a character by customizing his appearance to the smallest detail.

Deep customization of appearance in anime style and stunning graphics will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the open world and feel the role-playing component of this online MMORPG! Negotiate with friends and create squads.

⭐ Choose a class for yourself
All the best from classic online RPG (online MMORPG) classes in anime style and even more!

Role-playing game in which you have to customize the class for yourself and show your skills! Whether you love action or prefer a quiet adventure, there is a hero class for you! And playing with friends you can create the perfect party. And let you have no equal in PVP!

⭐ PVP activities and events
The game features a very rich PVE/PVP/GVG gameplay. Weekly, monthly and seasonal competitions will allow even the most sophisticated fans of online MMO RPG games to have a good time. And even AFK can get rewards!

⭐ Fantastic open world online game
Magnificent landscapes, incredibly beautiful urban locations, unique inhabitants of the magical continent, powerful spirits - everything here is full of oriental surroundings with a hint of anime style, and together with stunning detailed graphics creates an atmosphere of complete immersion! Genre role-playing game in action.

⭐ Gacha with animals and spirits
Knock out cute animals in the gacha and gather a super squad! Develop them, combine them and use magic and skills to fight the minions of the gloomy Legion.
And powerful spirits will complement your squad and will fight for you in the PVP and PVE arena.

⭐ Story based MMORPG game
The Legion of Chaos is advancing on the magical lands! Get trained at the Academy of Mediums, become a spirit summoner and help the pretty heiress of the Nine-Tailed Sky Fox Clan to restore peace and save the cute inhabitants.
Action and adventure online and afk are waiting for the most daring! RPG is not for the weak!

⭐ Play with friends and create a family online (online MMORPG)
Fox Legends is not only endless action and adventure, but also an opportunity to find a family. Find your soul mate, make dates, enjoy fireworks, play a magnificent wedding - add even more bright feelings to this magical world of role-playing game!

⭐ Clans and super action PVP battles
What is an online MMORPG without clans? Traveling alone is a dangerous undertaking! Find strong allies, create a clan and play online with friends. Chat, fight and win together. Let the enemies tremble at the mere mention of your clan!
And the interactive communication system allows you to contact your friends at any time!

Gorgeous Fox Legends is waiting for its heroes!
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