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Is this for real? A real volleyball game developed by real high school students!

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May 22, 2024
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"The thrill of spiking in volleyball. Why don't you try it out?"

Developed by a indie developer who loves volleyball!
The sports game made after numerous trial and error to contain the appeal of volleyball!

■ Try out various volleyball strategies!
Quicks, pipes, open attacks, and fast tempo attacks in a 3v3 volleyball match!
Achieve your greatest spike in diverse scenarios in your screen!

■ Immersive gameplay!
Experience the immersion of actually playing on the court yourself
by controlling only 1 player on the court from start to finish.

■ Appealing storyline!
Meet the attractive characters that appear in the universe of The Spike!
Join Siwoo with his journey in both volleyball and inner growth.

■ Diverse volleyball contents!
Is normal volleyball boring for you? Enjoy different types of volleyball
contents such as tournament, colosseum, beach volleyball, and more.
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