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Super fun block puzzle game includes brick game, blocks with easy to grid play.

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May 26, 2023

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Relax and unlock your brain with the simple but addictive block puzzle game or block game! Block Gems is a fun classic creative brick game world full of free jigsaw puzzles. Easy to learn and fun to brick game master gameplay, you can test your brain lines and exercise your brain lines in a moment. Hope you love block mania with brick game!

Enjoy various block puzzles or lines everywhere, every block puzzle game time with No Wifi Need. Just drag, drop and move blocks. Once you start the block game, you will hook and not stop playing the best block game or brick game. Easy to play and available for all block puzzle game lovers. Enjoy the fun endless Brain Teasers in brick game.

★Exquisite and dynamic brick game interface
★Fun, colorful and engaging graphics in block game
★Easy to play lines, and suitable for everyone
★It is all for FREE and No Wifi Need
★Endless grid of block puzzle full of challenge
★Various brick game gameplay and modes free to select
★No time limit to play for block puzzle game and Auto save game
★Retro games: smooth and delicate animation in brick game
★Simple lines rules and easy to control blocks
★Good for block game relaxing and brainstorming

★Drag the blocks lines to move them.
★Try to fit all lines in the row or column. Then the grid or blocks will be clear for fun and you get the point. The block puzzle game will be over if there is no room for any shapes or lines below the grid.
★Blocks can't be rotated.

Block Puzzle Modes:
Drop Mode: Follow the drop blocks, try to fit them in the row or column. You can adjust the lines shapes and direction of blocks when the grid falls. Enjoy the amazing block puzzle game!

Drag Mode: Place the pieces into grid board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new lines pieces. Classic block puzzles are free to fun challenge. So come to our block puzzle game legend. This block game casual game will satisfy your taste!

Roadblock Mode: Clear all barriers and blocks in the classic block game. The grid tiles will be eliminated if 4 barriers with the same color form in a line.

Hexagon Mode: Drag and drop blocks onto the right grid to finish the block puzzle game. Play in the hexagon puzzle kingdom, exercise your brain!

Classic innovative game - easy to fun and simple to play.
Block gems: brick game will keep you entertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged for hours of fun for block game. Easy to play and have fun, you can enjoy the block puzzle to your content with fun. Vivid brick game graphics and bright lines background will bring you a unique experience.

[ALL INCLUSIVE] Classic block games, exercise your brainpower!
Daily block puzzles includes a variety of well-crafted puzzle levels. Each block game mode will greatly test your reaction speed and ability of space combination. Run across our great block puzzle game, solve mysterious brain puzzles blocks, win the final brick game victory!

Hope you like our Block Gems - Classic Block Puzzle Games and enjoy blocks a lot!
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