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RPG to find miracles in everyday life

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May 22, 2024
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--A story about finding a little miracle in everyday life

School x Youth x Story RPG “Blue Archive” presented by Yostar!
As a teacher, I work with unique and attractive students in the unique academic city of Kivotos.
Let's spend everyday life!

This is the academic city of Kivotos.
In this super-huge university city made up of thousands of schools, troubles are constant every day.
In order to deal with this problem, the Federal Investigation Department [Petri] was established by the Federation Student Council President.
This story revolves around the teacher who serves as Petri Dish's advisor, the students who cooperate with him, and his daily life in Academy City.
It is a story drawn.

▼3D battle with cute characters
A powerful 3D real-time battle!
Cute characters fill the screen and play an active role.
As a teacher, you can direct your students!

▼High-quality 2D animation that colors unique characters
Beautiful girl characters will greet you with beautiful 2D animation!
If you become friends with them, you may be able to see special animations!

▼ Deepen your bonds with your students and spend a special day with them!
The longer you spend time with them, the stronger their bond with you will become.
Spending time with these girls will surely make your daily life special!

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