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Jan 14, 2023
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The Happy hills Homicide is a macabre 2D stealth horror game inspired by 80’s slasher movies, where a clown goes on a gruesome murder spree.

In The Happy hills Homicide you are a serial killer who dresses up as a clown and murders his victims in some inventively brutal ways. In each level of the game your aim is to kill your target and to do so you usually need to find murder weapons, break into buildings and dole out your punishment to your unsuspecting victim. The element of surprise is pretty vital for your kills though so you need to be careful not to be spotted.

Taking about an hour to play through, The Happy hills Homicide is an excellent game with high quality pixel art animation, an unsettling soundtrack and lots of dark humor. There are lots of little nods to classic horror movies and there’s a nice variety of gameplay in each of the levels. The kills are also pretty spectacular (and gory), and are cleverly designed. Highly recommended.
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