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Oct 06, 2023
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The new version of the official news application of the RIA Novosti information resource from the Rossiya Segodnya news agency, a recognized and widely cited source of up-to-date and reliable information in Russia and abroad.

The news is updated around the clock, so the most complete and fresh information picture will be available to you at any time of the day.

All news in one application - get instant access to the latest news of the federal, regional and international scale:

– daily breaking news: economic news, finance, political news, ecology, sports news, science and technology, culture, show business and interesting world news
– comments and analytics
- photo tapes on current events
- author's programs and thematic videos
– cartoons
- Russian news
- world News
– visual infographics and articles
– podcasts

Features of the RIA Novosti application:

Summary and news feed on the main screen

- No more switching to separate feeds, all news on one screen (top stories, news selected by the editors and key events of the day)

Different types of cards in the home screen feed

– Quick identification of materials by type (audio/podcasts, videos, infographics, photo galleries, quizzes, polls, opinion pieces and popular comments)


– Convenient audio control
– Quick access to online reports
– Breaking news notifications


– Commenting on the materials and answers of other participants in the discussion
– Possibility to put a reaction to the messages of other participants (like, haha, amazing, sad, outrageous, dislike)

Navigation bar

– Publication of news in social networks and sending by e-mail
– Ability to respond to the material with different types of emotions (like, haha, amazing, sad, outrageous, dislike)
- Quick access to chat


- Quick transition to a screen with a full list of materials on a topic of interest

Popular Comments

– Ability to show your comment under the article and in the cards of the main feed

List of popular chats

– Access to the list of chats on the most discussed topics

Personal Area

– Registering a new account
– Ability to connect social networks for quick authorization in the application
– Access to change avatar and own data

Quick search and list of popular tags

– Hints at the time of typing a search query
- Highlighting results in search results
– View the most popular queries by tags of the day
– History of search queries

Dark theme

– Activated automatically, depending on your system settings

Media materials

– View videos and photos, the size of the illustrations is selected according to the resolution of the device

RIA Novosti provides up-to-date information on the most resonant and important events in Russia and in the world: defense and security, key events and meetings of world leaders, exchange rates and oil prices, business news, disasters and accidents, science and technology news, regional news cities (events in Moscow and events in St. Petersburg).

MIA Rossiya Segodnya is the leader in terms of citation among the Russian media and is increasing the citation of its brands abroad. The agency also occupies a leading position in terms of citation in Russian social networks and the blogosphere.
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