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Join our influencer community! Followers and creators get rewarded on RepubliK.

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Mar 07, 2024
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Welcome to the interaction economy, where you earn rewards for interacting online!

We believe there’s an untapped well of talent and potential that just doesn’t have the tools to promote themselves on social media properly. In our community, you can interact with and support any content creator from anywhere, and exchange trade secrets, ideas, or even engage in a pleasant chat.

It’s time to give power to and support the community. At RepubliK, we’re committed to giving you more control over your time and attention, whether you’re a content creator or a viewer. Influencer income mostly comes from external brand deals, not on the social media platform itself.

We believe that:

High platform take rates and splits are a thing of the past. We see no reason for essential tools to take 50% of your subscriptions. You keep everything you earn on RepubliK.

Users gain rewards at every level of engagement – not only if you’re a content creator, but also if you’re a part of the audience – for your contribution to the platform, allowing everyone to earn for time spent interacting with content, referring friends, and supporting their favorite content creator – unlike current social media platforms that take their time and attention for free.

We’ve gamified your social media experience. RepubliK is designed like a game, with things like XP and badges as rewards. Our rewards system maximizes engagement at all levels, from influencer to viewer. The more you interact with the community, the more you’ll rise in the rankings, and the more rewards you’ll earn.

Joining RepubliK gives you access to:

Gamified Challenges: Give a content creator a fair shot at discovery and let the community determine virality. Hold viral challenges on our social media platform, compete, and vote on the outcome. RepubliK is the only platform where you, as a creator, can join broad, short-form video challenges and earn rewards for your efforts.

Content-Generating Conversations: Start a conversation and your fellow kin will generate content based on the opener. A mix of forum threads and content carousels, Conversations are a new, community-based approach to interaction on social media, generating meaningful connections between influencer and audience.

Tools not Rules: You’ll have a wide array of tools to help you create, engage with and find content, including an AI-powered recommendation engine, so you’ll find the most interesting influencer for you.

Virtual Event Platform: Use tokens to engage with virtual events on our social media platform, from big things like concerts, to more intimate experiences like a meet & greet or a private signing as rewards for your super-fans.

Tokens and “Phygital” Storefront: RepubliK uses tokens ($RPK) as a common coin to support your favorite content creator and buy official merchandise from our physical/digital storefront. No need to use real world money. Here, tokens are the norm.

DM Chat Filtering: When an influencer gets big, they get bombarded with all kinds of messages, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. RepubliK lets you sort and filter your messages so that no opportunity or rewards get missed in the mix.

Join your fellow kin on RepubliK today, and be a part of the new interaction economy. Interact with and support your favorite influencer, and get rewards for engaging with the community.
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