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Dhikrmatic and Asmaul Husna

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Feb 22, 2023
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Essalamu aleykum Verahmetullahi ve Berekatuhu

According to what Jabir (r.a.) narrated in a hadith, our Prophet said: "The most virtuous dhikr is 'La ilaha illallah' and the most virtuous supplication is 'al Hamdulillah'.

The way to be closest to Allah is to remember and remember him in the heart.

With the Zikirmatik 2 application that we share for the Muslim world, you can complete your dhikr at any time and anywhere completely free of charge.

Features of the application
to chant
recording your dhikr
Unlimited Zikr recording
continue from where you left off
Esma dhikr list
To start recorded ready-made dhikrs
To learn the meaning of recorded dhikr suggestions
reset dhikr
Undo button for wrong dhikr
dhikrmatic without internet
Free dhikrmatic
Voice chanting
Vibration feature
night mode

This application has been developed by Muslim software developers. God bless everyone who supports.
Dhikrmatic Tasbih Esmaul Husna
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