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The Xinhua News App, a flagship mobile news portal, is your ”Window on China”.

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Apr 30, 2024
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The Xinhua News App is the English-language mobile portal of Xinhua News Agency and a prime platform for people around the world to better know about China.
As China’s state news agency with global reach, Xinhua has established a global news-gathering network and a multimedia, multichannel, multi-tier and multifunctional news release system, which enables Xinhua to offer comprehensive news services featuring wire service, newspapers, magazines, television, economic information, and the internet-based and new media products. Xinhua provides English news service 24/7 in the form of text, photo, infographics, audio and video.
With “Connect China to the World”as the core vision, Xinhua News App relies on Xinhua’s premier and first-hand English news resources and well-selected information to update our global users with round-the-clock reporting, telling China stories and reporting world affairs in a comprehensive, timely and objective way.
We are more authoritative. The Xinhua News App provides a large number of first-hand China and world news in English, thanks to its branch offices across China as well as some 180 overseas bureaus. Besides conventional text, photo and video products, the Xinhua News App will offer more innovative VR, AR and AI products. The app also features on-the-scene live news, and exclusive live news reports through a comprehensive use of the newest mobile network technology.
We better understand our users. The Xinhua News App is China’s first mainstream media app to offer users intelligent recommendation service. This highly individualized service is made possible through the construction of an English media database.
We touch on more interesting topics. To cater to our readers from every corner of the planet, the Xinhua News App offers almost every kind of China and world news, on topics of politics, culture, business and economy, science, technology, social news, sports, entertainment, fashion, health, lifestyles, in-depth analysis, and other sections.
We deliver more than news services. China has never been so close to the center of the world stage, and a drastically changing world is also increasingly keen to know more about China. As a result, the key mission of the Xinhua News App lies in introducing China experiences, expounding China proposals, offering China solutions, and sharing China wisdom and opportunities with the rest of the world.
The Xinhua News App offers the best not only in content but also in appearance. Its simple and graceful appearance works as a friendly interface. The keynote offers a subtle blending of a cosmopolitan style with Chinese hues, while the app’s contents are presented in lists and cards.
The Xinhua News App is your “Window on China”.
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