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Lefun Health needs to be used with a smart bracelet

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Jul 11, 2024
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Lefun Health is your health and sports management center. when connected with the bracelet DSW001,TS12,It automatically records everything about your health, allowing you to easily track steps, sleep, exercise, drinking water, breathing training, etc., so as to help complete a healthy life and enjoy the whole body The joy of the heart grows.


► Abundant footprint
Mainstream, mainstream style complements your watch perfectly.

► Synchronous exercise recording and sharing
Monitor your exercise intensity while exercising.

► "Happy Exercise, Healthy Life"
The perfect combination of exercise and health. One-key connection between the mobile phone and the watch, synchronous health data, and simultaneous use of multiple platforms. Real-time tracking data to record precise sports conditions. Analyze the physical condition and give scientific health guidance. The watch enters the exercise mode with one key, and records the exercise in real time, making your exercise easy and enjoyable!

With a new revision and upgrade, our App will bring you a brand new experience and better help you achieve your fitness goals!
Fully upgraded, with more functions, more content, better use, and better help you manage your health and fitness!
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