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Sep 30, 2023
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The QR Reader & QR Generator is your loyal companion to create & scan codes like quick response as well as other visual codes. It serves at the same time as your barcode scanner. Anywhere. Anytime. So you can easily get and share contact details, emails, applications, websites, locations and many more.

The easy and fast barcode scanner & qr code maker helps you not only to encode and decode different visual codes but also assists you in providing your details via quick response to others - just in a few seconds.

The integrated scanning feature serves as your barcode scanner as well as QR Code Reader. Thereby it enables you to scan different visual codes in a fast & easy way and keep them saved in your history. We care about your needs and therefore offer different ways to read a variety of visual codes like barcode, quick response, Data Matrix, EAN8/13, Code39, Code128.
You can either get the needed information by using your camera to scan codes or you can also manually type in the barcode. Another option is to make use of a file or url. The QR Code Reader free decodes the details you wish for and will automatically recognize any code.

No matter if you would like to share contact details, an email, a URL, a location or you would like to build your personal brand with a customized code - the integrated QR generator encodes any code, so you can easily build your own. It serves in addition as your business

The QR reader & QR code maker is easy to use and fast. All you need to do is to open the application and scan the code with your camera. It will then automatically notice what is written behind and the qr generator helps you to encode your files. Just in a few seconds, you will be able to get all the details behind the visual codes or build your own with the qr code generator & qr code reader. The app is your loyal companion anytime and anywhere to create & share visual codes. Additionally, it also serves as your business card scanner on the go.

Keep track of your findings with the history feature and share your results through email, Whatsapp, SMS or just save it in your device as PNG/JPEG. You can choose to scan codes one-by-one or scan them all at once with the continuous function and check the result at the end.

Barcode scanner & qr reader
-> Use the camera to scan qr code, barcode,... and retrieve information
-> Manually insert a barcode
-> Decode a picture from your library
-> Decode by passing the URL

QR code maker
- > Choose the resource you want to generate your codes from
-> Create visual codes - anytime and anywhere

Enjoy all the benefits and great features, wherever and whenever you want to. Get & share details in just a few seconds - from redeeming coupons, creating codes for your business card, events or contact details or even use it as a business card scanner until authenticating (via an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator) with your QR reader.

· Scan and generate codes with the qr generator
· Manual insert any type of barcode
· Decode from a file, take a screenshot and use it to scan qr code
· Read codes from an URL
· Use it as you business card scanner on the go
· Encode a quick response code from your contact list
· Generate codes from a plain phone number (QR code maker)
· Create codes for maps and share it with everyone
· QR Reader does not need an Internet connection to scan
· Save history & quickly search your visual codes sorted by date and time

· NEW feature: Export all your history through CSV tables!

QR Reader & QR Code Generator only needs permissions strictly required (camera for scan qr code) and the features you ask for.

Supported codes: Barcode, Quick Response Code, Data Matrix, EAN8/13, Code39, Code128.

Get your QR code reader and enjoy all the benefits and features to encode and decode different codes!
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