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Countdown,Steps,Raise Pets and Plants Widgets with your friends and couples!

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May 21, 2024
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ALA Widget- a social mobile widget app to play with friends and couples

ALA Widget is a collection of countdown, anniversary, lock screen wallpaper theme and other widgets; A versatile widget social tool platform for pet interaction, social communication and personalized grooming. Whether you're a pet lover, a mobile gadget collector, a social networker, or a user who likes to customize the mobile interface, ALA Widgets have you met.

Desktop Cute Pets, Pets Raised On The Desktop
You can keep Tamagotchi in ALA Widget virtual cloud, so that you can experience the fun of pet ownership anytime, anywhere, without tedious care and cleaning, we provide you with a new way to interact with cute virtual pets. Download now and start your virtual pet owning journey!
Enter a pet egg, after hatching can be random activities cute pet kittens, dogs, bears and other pets, you can choose different food, drinks, tools and your pet real interesting feeding, play, interaction, through a variety of interactive activities to cultivate your virtual pet. Watch them grow, unlock new special abilities, and experience the joy of growing together.

You can also invite friends or couples to join in, keep pets together, jointly maintain the crystallization of love, and feel the fun of raising pets.

Table plant: a flower tree that grows on a table top
You can get the seeds of many flowers and trees, and you can simulate the process of planting trees and flowers every day: watering, fertilizing, pruning, weeding, deworming, etc., and you can get beautiful flowers and trees randomly when you grow up. When the flowers and trees grow up, they can produce gold coins for you every day, and the gold coins can be used to raise and take care of pets, which is very interesting. You can also put your plants on your phone.

Step counter, running race with friends
You can go jogging with your friends, here you can accurately calculate and display the number of steps, there are daily friend steps leaderboard, encourage everyone to continue to exercise. ALA Widget is a very useful, very interactive pedometer. You can also customize the home page.

Anniversary, countdown, we will not forget important days
The "Anniversary Widget and Countdown widget" in the ALA Widget is actually a reminder and time management mobile phone tool. It will always remind you to cherish your time, can be accurate to the second. Support the lunar calendar display, support the classification management function, support the custom widget background, support the percentage form, support the accuracy of the percentage change, so that you can see the change of time every minute and every second, remind you to cherish the time, important days we will never forget!

Custom components, customize your own components.
The Photo widget is also online, so you can sync your photos to your boyfriend or girlfriend's phone, and when you change, both phones will be displayed at the same time. It's very interesting.
ALA Widgets continue to be developed and added to provide a range of beautiful widgets to give your phone's screen a new look. These widgets include clock, weather, calendar, distance, charging animation, flexible island, health data and more to make your phone more practical and personal. These cute quick-start components not only decorate your phone, but also help you quickly access a variety of apps and features when you need them.

ALA Widget brings you exquisite and practical desktop pet widgets, as well as a unique countdown lock screen wallpaper theme. Make your mobile interface a fun and functional work of art. ALA Widgets bring a whole new lifestyle to your mobile phone.
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