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CAD for creating drawings for various purposes, fragments for them and 3D

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May 28, 2023
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CAD for creating full-fledged engineering drawings for various purposes according to ISO standards from a clean slate, fragments for them in DXF format and synthesizing 3D wireframe objects according to its flat projections.
This application is also applicable wherever you just need to draw a drawing by dimensions.
Designed for use on a mobile device with a screen of 5 inches or more with a resolution of at least 1080x1920.
It is recommended to watch the video tutorial and on the site download the book "Application Guide" in PDF format for free. Ask questions by mail:
The application has restrictions on the use of some functions. A list of them as a reminder is shown between construction steps. If the user wants to use all the functions of the application, this can be done using the "Enable all functions" function in the prompt menu list "?". This will offer a period for agreeing to a subscription to use the application. After this period, the app will start showing the list of restricted features again.
Reading the built-in application description is always available without restrictions. It completely repeats the book "Guide to using the application".
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