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Discover SIMOSA: Jazz World's upgrade for easier telecom management.

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Jun 07, 2024
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Welcome to SIMOSA, where Jazz World just got a major upgrade!
Get ready for some super cool features as SIMOSA takes your digital experience to the next level. Everything that you loved about Jazz World is still here but now, SIMOSA has leveled up the game even more!
The app is not just for Jazz users anymore - now, anyone can use SIMOSA, making telecom management a breeze no matter who your provider is.
Get ready for SIMOSA, where everything you need is just a tap away!


• Recharge, Pay Bills, and Subscribe: Easily handle your network needs directly from the SIMOSA app
• One-Stop Solution for Multiple Networks: No matter what your network is, Simosa has got you covered with its telco features
• Seamless Jazz Account Management: Effortlessly manage your Jazz account, including subscribing to all types of packages
• Exclusive Sales and Discounts: Access exclusive sales and discounts through the app
• Explore My World: Quotes, poetry, stories, horoscope, and recipes - Simosa has got it all
• Market Insights: Stay updated about gold and currency exchange rates
• Faith Section: Stay on top of your religious checklist with features like qibla direction, tasbeeh counter, prayer timings, Quran recitation and other Islamic insights
• Entertainment Galore: Enjoy exclusive movies and over 1 million songs through Simosa
• Gaming On-the-Go: Access 250+ games directly from the app
• Thousands of Discounts: Get discounts from over 12,000 brands and restaurants for added savings
• Daily Free Internet Rewards: Claim daily free internet rewards by logging into the app every day
• Easy Balance Check and Bill Payment: Pay your postpaid bills and stay updated on usage details effortlessly
• Customized Bundle Options: Create your own bundle tailored to your specific needs
• Simple Network Login: Easily log in using the number of any network
• Balance Sharing: Share balance with friends and family on the Jazz network
• Manage Multiple Numbers: Seamlessly manage up to 5 numbers with your Simosa account
• Personalized Recommendations: Receive personalized package recommendations based on your unique usage patterns
• Improved Support and User Interface: Experience better support and a user-friendly interface
• Effortless Complaint Management: Submit, track, and view the status of your complaints
• Tax Certificate Access: Easily download tax certificates directly from the app
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