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Feb 20, 2024
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The Avena App is the perfect solution for those who want to take control of their diet. With the help of your personal nutritionist, you can establish a healthy lifestyle that you can then easily maintain.

We have more than 15,000 nutrition specialists online and in person, experts in different areas such as:

o Weight gain
o Lose weight
º Hypertension
º Obesity
º Diabetes
º Geriatric nutrition
º Sports nutrition
º Nutrition in kidney disease
º Oncological nutrition
º Child nutrition
º Pediatric nutrition
º Nutrition during pregnancy
º Nutrition during lactation

Our experts will help you create a personalized plan based on your personal profile and goals. As an Avena App user you will be able to:

º Hire your specialist and answer your questions
º Explore more than 500 types of diets
º Consult more than 5,000 recipes from different cuisines
º Exchange food
º Generate shopping list for the supermarket
º Know the brands suggested by specialists
º Set reminders for food and water intake
º Macro nutrient count
º Calorie count
º Visualize your diet or personalized plan by the specialist
º Train with video exercise routines
º Complement your diet or plan with supplementation

The use of the Avena application is free for patients, the consultation price varies between specialists.

Avena offers subscriptions for nutrition specialists.
MXN: $389 / Month
USD: $16.99 / Month

Terms and Conditions: http://avena.io/terminos-y-condiciones/
Privacy Policy: http://avena.io/aviso-de-privacidad/
WHO - Healthy diet: https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/healthy-diet
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