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Nov 20, 2023
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Get cozy and enjoy the fall season with storytelling that speaks to you. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks that pique your interest and build an audio library worth sharing. Explore the world of audio entertainment today with Audible.

Stream audio stories and get lost in the voices that inspire you. Prioritize your health and wellness and escape into a moment of well-deserved relaxation. Captivating audiobooks, comedic podcasts, gripping novels and so much more — enjoy a binge-worthy book and podcast collection filled with thousands of titles.

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks of any genre, anytime and anywhere. Follow your favorite podcasts and stay up to date on weekly episode releases. Shape your audio experience by downloading podcasts, book series, or novels. Switch between reading books and immersive audio stories with Audible. Let calming sounds, meditation books or self help podcasts get you centered.

Stream podcasts on the road with Car Mode or binge a new audiobook series on your next flight. Listen on the go with Wear OS and explore podcast series and Audible Original titles. Sci-fi books, romance novels, or thrillers — enjoy Audible as part of your daily listening routine. Build an audiobook and podcast library and let the most recognized voices immerse you in a world of storytelling.

Grow your audio library and find intriguing audiobooks or podcasts that reflect your interests. Tap into the best of audio entertainment today.


Podcasts, audiobooks, and Originals. Listen to thousands of titles, including exclusive series.
• Stream titles or download anything in the Plus Catalog anytime you want, no credits necessary
• Audio library filled with favorites - new content added weekly, browse titles & top genres
• Audio stories, bestsellers & exclusives - dive in and discover trending favorites
• True crime books, romance novels or mystery podcasts! Find what you need to unwind
• Genre-rich audio app - calming sounds, wellness books, fitness podcasts and more

Queue up your favorite audiobook, adjust your listening speed & enjoy captivating storytelling.
• Stream audiobooks or download podcasts directly to enjoy Audible with or without WiFi
• Listen to podcast series, novels & stories on the road with Car Mode through Android Auto
• Read on your Kindle or switch to listen to Audible on your phone, tablet or Wear OS
• Sleep with ease by pausing your podcast or book automatically before you fall into a slumber
• Your audio library app - start collections and save to your wish list

Whether you prefer gripping tales or eye-opening podcasts, find inspiration daily with Audible.
• Tackle your reading list easily by listening to immersive stories throughout the day
• Personalized playlists - curate your favorite podcasts and audiobooks for future listening
• Audio stories told how you prefer - listen with customizable narration speeds up to 3.5x
• Podcast and book reviews can help you choose your next audio adventure
• Exclusive titles and Audible Originals at your fingertips


With Premium Plus, get access to the Plus Catalog and even more:
• The entire Plus Catalog - thousands of titles, podcasts, and originals
• 1 credit per month to pick any title that you want to keep from an extended selection of titles
• Listen to an extended selection of bestsellers and new releases
• A permanent library! Titles purchased with credits are yours to keep, even if you cancel

Purchase individual credits through the app and expand your audio library anytime with Audible.


The most compelling stories and podcasts, told by inspiring voices. Listen to storytelling that speaks to you, anytime, anywhere. Fall in love with books all over again with Audible, an Amazon company.
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