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Jun 23, 2022
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ANNOUNCEMENT: After receiving reports of the legacy app no longer working on newer Android updates, we've made the difficult decision to replace it with the current Beta Asianfanfics app that is still under heavy development. The old app could no longer be updated due to it being on an obsolete platform and could not be fixed for newer Androids.

Although the current app has most of the basic functionalities, many of the features you're used to is not yet available on the new app so if your current app is working, you do not need to update it to this newest version. If there is a feature you really want on the new app, send us an email so it can help us prioritize building the features people use the most.


The official Asianfanfics mobile app is enabled with performance tweaks and enhancements to make it the fastest way to browse Asianfanfics.

Asianfanfics is a social community for people who like to read, write, and share their favorite stories and news about entertainment, music, and pop culture.

We're a tight-knit community with a wide variety of ways to find new friends and interesting content from tags and popular sections to blogs, discussions, chats, polls, and of course, through stories themselves.

Keep track of the stories you like through subscriptions, chapter bookmarks, or by organizing them with labels. Authors really love comments so if you like what you read, please leave one for them on their story! If you really enjoyed it, you can show your appreciation by upvoting the story as well which helps other people find it in the Trending stories section and nominates it for a chance to be a Featured Story.

If you're an author, we offer several different tools to help you further your writing whether you're a novice or an experienced professional. Need a beta reader? We have a request section for that. Do you need a cover for your story? Our community has plenty of artists to help in the graphics request section. Are you an analytics junkie? Not only do your stories record the number of their total views, subscriptions, upvotes, and comments, but they also maintain daily view statistics of readers for each chapter. Need help writing your stories? You can add up to four additional co-authors to help you co-write them. For anything else, post a topic in the discussions section and someone will come by to help!

The community is always growing and there is always something new. Check back often for updated features and we hope you enjoy Asianfanfics!
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