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Remember Unown and all of the 28 shapes? Now they'll serve a purpose!

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Jun 05, 2017

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Remember Unown and all of the 28 shapes? Did you know that every shape stands for a letter in the Latin Alphabet?

Do you think you wasted your time catching them because there's no real gain in the games?

Well, no more since as of today they'll be actually of some use. Unown Keyboard is a small and fun app which will transform entered text in Unown language. Pretty neat, right?

You can also set background images and come up with some motivional dank meme which only true fans will understand. You can share those, too if you think everybody need to see this.

Furthermore, you get some nice themes along with different text sizes and text colors.

Do you have ideas how to improve this app? Sweet, send me an email.
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