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Jun 11, 2024
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Are you ready to immerse yourself in a groundbreaking English learning experience? Dive into Praktika and meet your personalized ultra-realistic AI Avatars, who are all set to be your language companions on this exciting journey!

Praktika's Avatars are more than just virtual figures; they're meticulously designed with unique backgrounds, stories, and accents (American, British, and more) to provide you a truly immersive language experience. These Avatars will act as your personal English teachers, native speakers, and friendly partners in conversation, providing instant feedback and personalized guidance to elevate your English skills.

Our innovative approach includes:

1. Ultra-Realistic Avatars: Experience learning with personalities, not mere animations. Engage in meaningful conversations, practice role-plays, and enjoy a 'facetime' experience with our Avatars. Feel at ease and make mistakes without judgment in a supportive learning environment.
2. Comprehensive Courses: Over 1000 lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, including IELTS and TOEFL preparation, architecture, pop culture, and more. You'll never run out of intriguing subjects!
3. Practical Topics: Explore 150+ practice topics, from economic growth and healthcare to role-playing as a sports commentator or a marketing executive.
4. Interactive Content: Unlimited minutes of captivating, interactive content, available anytime and anywhere to boost your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or fluency.

Some Avatars:

- Alisha: Vibrant U.S. English tutor, Stanford graduate, enthusiastic, inclusive, traveler, always positive.
- Susan: Singaporean English tutor, soft-spoken, patient, top-class education, reader, tranquil.
- Alejandro: Spanish English tutor, dynamic, University of Barcelona graduate, former soccer player, culinary enthusiast, multicultural enthusiast.
- Marco: American from Chicago, resonant voice, journalist, outdoor enthusiast, determined, comprehensive teacher.
- Charlie: British English tutor, professional yet charming, Londoner, former journalist, art lover, confident, defies stereotypes.

....and many others.

Some of the topics:
IELTS speaking exam & score💻
Architecture 🏛️
Art 🎨
Business Leaders 👨‍💼
Camila Cabello 🎤
Car Brands 🚗
Carnival 🎭
Cinema 🎬
Coldplay 🎵
COVID-19 🦠
Cuisine 🍲
Dances 💃
Economic Growth 💰
Education System 📚
Entrepreneurship 💼
Environmental Issues 🌱
Famous Landmarks 🗼
Fashion 👗
Festivals 🎉
Film Directors 🎬
Folklore 🧙
Food 🍽️
Football Rivalries ⚽️
Football World Cup 🏆
Geography 🌍
Health Care 🏥
Healthcare System 🏥
History 📜
Immigration 🛂
Influencers 📲
Literature 📖
Museums 🏛️
Music 🎶
Natural Wonders 🌅
Netflix 📺
Nightlife 🌃
Pop Culture 🎉
Queen Elizabeth II 👑
Career in IT 💻
Relationships 💑
Finance 💰
Beauty 💄
Social media 📱
Gym 🏋️‍♀️
Transport 🚗
Startups 💼
New technologies 📱
Science 🔬
Domestic animals 🐶
Job and career 💼
Shopping 🛍️
Street Art 🎨
Technology 🖥️
Theatre 🎭
Theatre Festivals 🎭
Tourism ✈️
TV Shows 📺
Wednesday TV Series 📺
Wildlife 🦁

....and many more.

Praktika is on a mission to empower the next billion learners to overcome language barriers and seize new opportunities. We believe that learning a new language should be fun, engaging, and accessible to everyone. With Praktika, you can unlock new career opportunities and break down language barriers, making the most of your skills and knowledge.

Start your English learning journey today with Praktika – the most practical and fun way to learn English!

If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is always here to help. Simply reach out to us at support@praktika.ai.

Download Praktika today and join new era of English learners.
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